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Daniel Bial was an editor at Holt, HarperCollins and Longmeadow Press (an imprint of Waldenbooks) for 14 years.  In that time, he edited a wide range of books, including bestsellers (Hank Aaron’s I HAD A HAMMER) and three Pulitzer Prize winners, including Michael Chabon (MYSTERIES OF PITTSBURGH).

Since founding the Daniel Bial Agency in 1991, Dan has sold major projects to a wide range of publishing houses, both large and small.

Here are the covers of some of the recently published books he has agented.

Translated into 12 languages; named one of the best
books of the year by The Financial Times.

“Kozloff's history is humanistic, not sociological. It is also astute, nuanced, accessible and, not least, intelligently designed. Ultimately, though, its most persuasive recommendation is the sheer quality, originality and diversity of the portraits themselves.” –The Guardian

“Yossef Bodansky is one of the most respected—and best-informed—experts on radical Islamism in the world today. In "Chechen Jihad," Bodansky draws on previously unseen intelligence from his insider sources, to offer the most comprehensive—and startling—portrait of the Chechenization phenomenon and what it means for the war on terror.... Authoritative in its detail, chilling in its implications, "Chechen Jihad" is a book no one with an interest in the future of the West should miss.” –Baker & Taylor

“The curious cook will delight in the history and mythology of honey, the personal stories of beekeepers themselves, and especially the imaginative and tempting recipes. This unique and comprehensive book is already a one-of-its kind classic.”
–Jeannette Berrary, author of M.F.K. Fisher and Me

“An erudite examination of the recent history of the changes occurring throughout Latin America.” – Ron Jacobs, author of The Way the Wind Blew; author appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

“A fascinating insider’s view of the nuts and bolts of architecture.” –Wall Street Journal

“Commenting on officiating in the NBA brings big fines, I know, but this book gave me some grins reading that I’m not alone.” –Phil Jackson

Repeatedly cited by Tom Peters in his blog; “This is a must-read for anyone in the field of Project Management....As a past president of a very large component of the Project Management Institute...it’s great to see someone doing something different that presents Project Management in the perspective and relative importance that it deserves.” –Phillip Long

Translated into Icelandic and Chinese; "A must-read for parents of newly diagnosed children as well as all health care professionals.” –Peter Bell, CEO of Cure Autism Now

“The writing is superb; the information relayed is fascinating; the research is impressive; the clarity is noteworthy; and the book is timely.” –Choice

Amazon bestseller in three categories.

Allen Wilkinson’s updated version of the classic he cowrote with famed attorney Melvin Belli.


#1 New York Times bestseller; translated into 10 languages.

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